August Class: Rum

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Think you know rum? Yeah, we thought so too until Chris fell down the rabbit hole of rum to try and learn its dark secrets. Rum puppet republics set up and subsidized by the U.S., false age statements, undisclosed sugar content, and a domestic squeeze out of most independent rum producers on our liquor store shelves has completely skewed our view of what rum is and tastes like. In this class, we will throw back the veil of secrecy and discover what unadulterated rum can be with clear information on production, meaningful categorization, and undiscovered flavor profiles. It’s time for rums that don’t have to hide behind pirates, coconuts, or dragon berries. Then, maybe we can help to bring rum to its proper reputation and standing as one of the most beautiful and delicious spirits in the world.

In addition to trying different rums side by side, you'll also be making your own cocktails and learning new cocktail recipes. As always, dinner will be provided by George Mosa. See you at class!

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