Far North Spirits Gustaf Navy Strength Gin (750 ml)

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From the producer:

Gustaf \Goos-tahf\ is big and bold, yet surprisingly balanced Navy strength gin with 11 botanicals including lemon, cucumber, and fennel.

TASTING NOTES | Layered with lavender, juniper and honeysuckle on the nose, Gustaf shows a trace of citrus akin to yuzu or lime. Spicy and expansive on the palate, it finishes with notes of white pepper and licorice, a zesty, lingering expression of earth and sea.

At 114 proof, navy strength gin occupies a storied place in the annals of British Naval history. The daily ration of gin or rum was only allowed on board if the proof was high enough to ensure that if the liquor drenched the gunpowder at sea it would still ignite.

As forthright as the steely-eyed Swede for whom it is named — the distiller’s great grandfather — Gustaf is a Navy Strength gin with a bracing kick. The addition of high-proof distilled estate rye to the final bottled spirit gives Gustaf its distinctive flavor and pays homage to the farm’s patriarch for which it’s named.

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